Okanagan Baseball Academy -  Full Time Year-Round Baseball Academy


Players will Flourish in an Unique Environment

The city of Penticton, British Columbia, CanadaThe Okanagan Baseball Academy is situated in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, in Penticton, British Columbia Canada. The semi-arid desert climate provides more than 2000 hours of sunshine each year, allowing our players to enjoy the maximum benefits of outdoor training. With the population of 30,000 people, Penticton is world renown as a year round vacation destination. Nestled within mountain slopes, dramatic cliffs, and bordered by two pristine lakes, Penticton offers unmatched natural beauty. Families from all over the world feel confident their player will flourish in a safe, affordable, unique educational / athletic program by attending the Okanagan Baseball Academy.

Every billet home is carefully screened, and players are matched to their billet family.  The homes are safe, comfortable and friendly places where players are able rest, study and prepare for their next day's challenge. Billet parents are in regular contact with the Academy‚Äôs Youth Counsellor who will provide the necessary support for them and their player during their time with the Okanagan Baseball Academy. Many Billet families have children involved in the sport of baseball and look forward to hosting a player in their home.



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